OSC Computer Training School provided me with an excellent learning experience. I was a distance learner and all of the staff I was in contact with were highly professional and helpful. All aspects of the enrollment process were explained simply and completely. The instructor I was assigned to was professional and helpful. Any questions or problems I experienced were handled in a timely manner. I would recommend the school to others.

Diane Forney
Sonoma, CA

My time at OSC has been amazing! What I found to be so great is that all the instructors take a genuine interest in your success and that sense of camaraderie is taken on by other students who encourage you to succeed.

My instructor for the Web Design and Programming was Kim Tran, a truly great instructor and person. She called and emailed on a weekly basis to ensure I was staying on track and make sure I understood the curriculum. When I needed help, she was there to walk me through it.

Being part of the OSC family is felt from day 1. As a student, you are included in everything; birthday parties, graduation celebrations or making contacts with other students.

I highly recommend OSC to anyone who is looking to enrich their career or to retrain into a new one. For military veterans, do yourself a big favor and start here. There are a lot of vets here taking classes and the school provides you with a great deal of support and guidance.

Michael O’Leary
Yuba City, CA

Kim has been instrumental in my education. She has the patience and has been there for me all the way. She is almost always available and I can rely on her for a quick easy answer to most of my questions. If I were to rate Kim’s teaching abilities, it would be 10 out 10!

Carmelo Lopez
Fairfield, CA

My experience as a student at OSC Computer Training has been a positive experience enhancing my lifelong career in Fine Arts. This training has brought my creative skills up to a contemporary level using Graphic Design. With this new skill, I am currently preparing an online business to market and sell my original art. Also, I plan to use the Graphic Design course in a free-lance capacity in the future. The staff and tutoring at OSC Computer Training has given me much needed technological skills. My thanks to OSC and especially to Kim Tran for her faithful commitment, and training excellence.

Jackie Peralto
Apple Valley, CA

OSC Online Training was a great experience. My instructor, Kim, was amazing. She was always readily available to answer questions and supply help; just a Skype call away. Even as an online student, I never felt alone. The administrative office staff, Laurie & Juanita, were consistently helpful and friendly. The curriculum was easy to follow and thorough. The OSC Career Component Instructor, Cindy, helped prepare me for interviewing, and I accepted a “dream job” with a fantastic employer. I am very happy I choose OSC.

Juli G.
Coarsegold, CA

Louise CooperOSC Computer Training is the go-to place for continuous self-improvement in any type of computer training courses. I took the Business Administrative Assistant I course in 2008, and knew this was the place I wanted to come to after receiving my Masters in technology to update my skills 5 years later. It’s still a great learning experience, especially since they have Ms. Kim Tran, who is knowledgeable in all course topics. The institute is informative, friendly and offers great advice to students. Everything was explained in detail, and you are made to feel like you are part of a family.

Louise Cooper
Sacramento, CA

I recently attended OSC Computer Training to learn Web Design & Programming. My time at the school was enjoyable as well as educational. Each day I added to my list of marketable skills. My Instructor, Kim, was always available to provide direction and support. Even though she was at the Sacramento campus and I was in Stockton, she was always just a Skype away. Kim was a professional and my daily conversations with her were informative as well as pleasant. Her knowledge was instrumental in the successful launching of my very first website. I feel confident that I will use the tools I’ve learned here in my future endeavors.

Sharon Hoffman
Manteca, CA

Caitlin RobinsonIt was a great learning experience at OSC! I recently graduated with my Graphic Design and Office Specialist Certificate and am changing careers to being a Graphic Designer. My instructor, Kim Tran, was very well informed and approachable when I had questions on the coursework. Through her instruction, I was able to learn Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe InDesign CC, as well as Microsoft Office 2013. She was a valuable resource as I was putting up my digital portfolio on Behance.

I could not have asked for a more professional learning environment at OSC. I really appreciated the self-paced schedule which encouraged me to finish work faster and learn the programs in a more indepth manner. This has prepared me for interviews in the Graphic Design field.

Caitlin Robinson
Sacramento, CA

Mauro-QuibinOSC Computer Training is a great place to further one’s occupational skill set. I needed to supplement my knowledge in graphics web design, and the program they offered not only met my expectations, but exceeded it. What I enjoyed most was the freedom to study and work at your own pace. I found the experience studying and working with the Instructor, Kim Tran, to be enjoyable and rewarding. I would most definitely recommend this program to anyone looking towards gaining a new career, or expanding their own potentiality.

Mauro Quibin
Long Beach, CA

Maria Lorena ShindledeckerOSC Computer Training’s Web Design and Programing program is amazing! I was skeptical at first on how effective it would be learning to design and program web pages through distant learning program, but my instructor, Kim Tran, showed me different. She was always available to answer all of my questions and guided me through every chapter of the way. It always felt as if I was studying in the classroom. I have graduated knowing that I have the tools and skills to design attractive and successful websites, giving me an edge in this competitive field.

Maria Lorena Shindledecker
Temecula, CA

David BarrettI have just completed the Web Design & Programming Program offered by OSC Computer Training and was instructed by Ms. Kim Tran. The course was made more immediate by the use of Skype which allowed Ms. Tran to access my computer and give me person‐to-person instructions in real time. Ms. Tran was polite and pleasant and able to devise diverse approaches to presenting the material so that I remained connected and involved. I was pleased by her calm presentation and her ability to explain complex topics in an orderly and understandable way. I highly recommend OSC Computer Training which allowed me to complete a complex course through telecommuting. I also recommend Ms. Kim Tran not only for her technical skills, but more importantly, for her ability to communicate.

David Barrett
Oceanside, CA

Monica QuinteroThroughout my career, I’ve always felt it was important to know every aspect of your professional and to keep enhancing your skills, especially since technology keeps evolving so quickly. The Web Design & Programming course, as well as my instructor, Kim Tran, exceeded my expectations. She went above and beyond for me and always took the time to answer all of my questions.

My career has revolved around being a newscaster, marketing and multimedia. While I will continue to work in those fields, this class is helping me with a new challenge I’m tackling in my life career, as that of an entrepreneur. It gave me the skills and inspiration I needed to work on my biggest challenge yet. Thank you OSC Computer Training and Kim Tran!

Monica Quintero
Nipomo, CA

Candi EdieI’ve been a graphic artist for over 20 years, and recently moved to the central coast of California. Finding clients and available jobs here is close to impossible and I struggled for months. I noticed after searching for employment that most requirements for graphic artists now includes web development. So, after hearing about OSC from a friend I decided to enroll.

I had a little trouble getting started, but soon, my instructor, Kim Tran, helped it all make sense.

Kim is a brilliant teacher and very patient. I have to emphasize that…Very Patient. She made my whole experience with OSC a very enjoyable one and gave me the confidence to submit resumes to organizations that I wouldn’t have before. Her knowledge of the material is impressive and my questions were resolved quickly. She never gave up.

My goal is to become a creative Web Designer with a substantial company and have fun along the way. Kim has certainly given me the jump start I needed. Thank You, Kim! I’m very grateful I had a chance to work with you.

Candi Edie
Arroyo Grande, CA

Amy GarrettThank you to Bill and Lili Williams for offering the Web Design and Programming course. I am extremely grateful for OSC Computer Training, as it continues to help so many people. It was important to have a teacher that was engaged and accessible throughout the program especially as a distant student, and I was lucky to have Kim Tran for my instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, providing clarification along with encouragement throughout the program. She is an invaluable asset to her students and the OSC Computer Training staff. I have learned more than I imagined and am excited to use my enhanced skills in my next endeavor.

Amy L. Garrett
Antioch, CA

Rhonda LinnMy name is Rhonda Linn and I started in Web Design working for a shopping comparison website and later as a Content Editor for Recordnet.com. Today I am hopeful to work full-time in web design and programming. I have always excelled in creative tasks and I find pleasure in doing creditable work.

At OSC Computer Training School I have been able to update my skills with their current software programs and many conveniences. All of the instructors have been professional and genuinely dedicated to my success. I am especially grateful to Kim Tran for her ability to teach, assist, and gracefully help me progress. With Kim’s help I feel much more confident and I am looking forward to having a job I enjoy and the new challenges that come with it. OSC Computer School is an outstanding school and I am grateful the opportunity.

Rhonda Linn
Stockton, CA

Alex DeLeonThe web development world is one of the fastest changing industries around. What I like most about web development is the challenge of staying up to date with technology and the opportunity to learn and refine new skill sets. Web development also gives me the opportunity to be both logical and creative as I figure out the best way to make a product work.

OSC computer training is very fortunate to have Kim Tran teaching the Web Design and Programming Course. I will always remember Kim as being a teacher that is devoted to to making sure that her student understands everything. Kim was always there to make sure that my needs were met and to keep me on schedule. I am grateful for having such a great teacher.

Alex DeLeon
Los Angeles, CA

John BeeneTaking the Web Design program at OSC Computer Training Center was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was brand new to the world of Web Design, but the curriculum was made simple to digest thanks to Kim’s expert tutelage. I’ve always known that I wanted an occupation that allowed me to be creative. With the training I’ve received, I’m looking forward to embarking on a career path that gives me that opportunity. What Bill and Lili have provided with OSC Computer Training Center is nothing short of wonderful. Kim is an excellent instructor. My Skype sessions with her proved to be very helpful and insightful. The onsite staff here at the Stockton location are great. I’m very grateful for the instruction I received, and the professional skills I have acquired through this program.

John Beene
Lathrop, CA

John DiCesareIt is with sincere pleasure that I recommend Kim Tran as the instructor for Web Design and Programming, a seven month program. She always made herself available and was able to answer questions with clarity and simplicity. Additionally, Kim was encouraging by always challenging me to do better and letting my creativity shine which I felt enabled me to excel.

John DiCesare
Victorville, CA

Carlos GonzalezMy name is Carlos Gonzalez and I am a graduate of OSC Computer Training. Most of my design background has been for print and I wanted to have more creative control when designing for the Web. I also realized that to remain competitive in the design world, I needed extensive Web Design skills. For these reasons I chose to study Web Design and Programming at OSC. Creating websites used to seem like a daunting task and coding seemed dry, however, I grew more enthusiastic as learned more about the languages, systems, and programs used in Web Design. I learned a lot more than I expected! I am now more passionate about this field because I have the technical skills to be more creative in it. Having a professional portfolio website feels great! OSC’s program has increased my overall confidence as a designer. I plan on using my new skills on side projects, future freelance work and at my future job. Kim Tran is an excellent, dedicated, and very professional instructor whose expertise guided me to achieve this step in my career. I would definitely recommend OSC for people who want to learn Web Design and Programming.

Carlos Gonzalez
Sacramento, CA

Lamont ConleyMs. Tran is an exemplary instructor that is knowledgeable about the subjects, helpful and patient, and she has a true interest in the success of her students. Understanding that the area of study is unchartered waters for most, yet she does all that she can to insure that the processes or the steps needed to complete a project in the various Adobe applications, and other topics in the curriculum, are understood. In my case, I am more designer than developer, hence my challenge is code. When asked on how I could improve in that area Ms. Tran suggested a few sites, W3C tutorials and Codeacademy, that have proved to be valuable reference sites for brushing up and improving my proficiency in that area. I recommend her as a teacher, and the graphic and Web Design program at the Occupational Skills Center.

Lamont Conley
Stockton, CA

Randall MorseMy name is Randall Morse, and I have been a student at OSC Computer Training for the past six months. My knowledge of Web Design was limited to a summer course I took at Sacramento City College in the summer of 2009. Needless to say my websites were very unorganized and blocky in their design.

The information I learned at OSC included Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS coding, helping me create dynamic websites for my church and two other churches in my denomination.

The staff at OSC and my instructor Kim Tran, was always there, step- by-step, every day. I applied to the State of California as an Assistant Information Support Specialist and am looking forward to my upcoming interviews. This would not have been possible without OSC Computer Training.

So, if you are a Veteran and are looking for a new career, contact OSC.

Randall Morse
Stockton, CA

William WhatleyI was interested in design and graphics for years before I was able take a class.

Being a student at OSC is a dream come true.

Kim Tran instructed and encouraged me throughout my training in Web Design. Now I can go out in the world to give back and be an inspiration for other Veterans.

William C. Whatley
Stockton, CA

Mary Kay LewisAs a graphic artist, working in the print industry for 30 years, I found myself unemployed. While doing my job searches, I saw many employers wanted Web Design and Programming experience. I found OSC Computer Training to be the best fit for my needs as a self-paced course. I was able to go through Illustrator and Photoshop rather quickly, and when I came to a halt while doing HMTL and JavaScript, my instructor, Kim Tran, was there helping me through every step of the tough material, with great patience. Her expertise in all programs and her professionalism was second to none. I was able to create my own Web site as mklewisdesgn.com, and complete and publish it as a showcase of my work, both as a graphic designer and as a Web designer. I am grateful to Bill and Lili Williams of OSC Computer Training School, and the real team effort of all the in-house instructors.

Mary Kay Lewis
Escawn, CA

Thanks OSC!

After spending more than twenty-five years in graphics, almost all of it in typesetting and pre-press for printing, I found myself limited by graphics positions that required web design experience. OSC Computer Training has provided a comfortable and professional environment in which to expand my design skills and allow me to target a more sustaining job market.

My instructor, Kim Tran, was professional, always available, knowledgeable and very patient when I needed guidance. The self-paced scheduling was perfect for my distance learning requirements. I honed my Adobe Creative Suite CS5 skills with Photoshop, in addition I learned Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash, HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Social Media and Basics of Design. I found out something I knew all along but was never able to put into words.

Creating my own website was a challenge and I now have the knowledge to build websites for others in either a solo or team environment. I would and will recommend OSC to anyone interested in advancing their skills in Web Design with either a classroom experience or by distance learning.

Terry Henderson
Cameron Park, CA

Kathy SimsThe instructors – they are amazing! Professional and knowledgeable, they were there when I needed guidance. The self directed learning format fit my and learning style and schedule. I sharpened my Adobe Creative Suite skills, learning the secrets of the software that propelled me to the lofty heights of Creative Suite expertise. Dreamweaver is my favorite, and I’m a better web designer than I ever thought I’d be. Like many things in life, you get out of OSC what you put into it. Take classes, do your best, you’ll be happy you did.

Kathy Sims
Fair Oaks, CA

Tom BoyleAfter spending more than twenty years in print advertising, I found myself unprepared to re-enter a marketplace based on Web and digital design. OSC Computer Training provided a comfortable and professional environment in which to expand my design skills and bring them in-line with the expectations and demands of the local and global market. My instructor, Kim Tran, was especially helpful by not only sharing her extensive expertise but also by displaying limitless patience and kindness during the entire learning process.

Tom Boyle
Sacramento, CA

Michael BosOSC Computer Training has helped me achieve my dream of becoming a web designer. I have a lot of design experience in the print world, but lacked the knowledge I needed to compete in the Web World. OSC gave me the knowledge I needed in HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Flash Catalyst, InDesign and Social Media. The education I received was professional and complete. Creating my own website was fun and challenging, and now I have moved on to building websites for others. Being self-directed in the learning material, allowed me to gain knowledge at my pace, and review elements of my study I felt I needed a more in-depth understanding. The teachers, owners, and staff, at OSC made this a real easy process. I would and will recommend OSC to anyone interested in advancing their skills in Web Design.

Michael L. Bos
Roseville, CA

Sabrina McNallyOSC Computer Training has been instrumental in providing me with the skills necessary to earn a Certificate of Completion in Web Design and Programming. OSC’s curriculum offered a thorough and in depth coverage of current Web Design technologies. The instructor, Kim Tran, was knowledgeable and patient throughout my program. Above all, the learning environment was professional and fostered a positive and productive learning experience

At OSC, I learned the intricacies of how to Design, Build, and Publish a Website. I attained a working knowledge of HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash. Now, I possess the confidence and marketable skills necessary to actually be a Web Designer. I am very proud of the www.savvymcnally.com website that I created at OSC, and I will forever be grateful to the owners, instructors, and staff at OSC Training!

Sabrina McNally
Elk Grove, CA

James McKnightThe Department of Veterans Affairs’ vocational rehabilitation counselor suggested that I come to OSC Computer Training school to take computer courses before I could take a Web Design course. At first, I was not interested taking computer courses because I did not think I could learn. After three weeks, I decided to give it a try. I started learning the process of using computer applications more, and understanding what it wanted from me. Now that I am able to use the computer, I decided to enroll in the “Introduction to Web Design” course because I want to show and sell my artwork to the world. With the ongoing help of my instructor at OSC Computer Training, I have started my own business with a website, www.mcknightartwork.com, and will go on to create my artwork and display it on that website. Orders have already started, therefore, “If I can do it, then anybody can!”

James A. McKnight
Sacramento, CA

First of all, I would like to thank and give kudos to Kim Tran, and Bill and Lili Williams of OSC Computer Training School. What a pleasant and educational experience it has been earning the Web Design and Programming Certification at OSC. Kim has an excellent grasp of the course materials and has demonstrated great patience and expertise. Bill and Lili Williams have also demonstrated tremendous professionalism and expertise, and one gets the feeling that they all truly care about the success of their students. The program has provided me with the tools, education, and skill set needed to start producing websites and I would recommend it to anyone interested in doing the same.

Mike Thomas
Santa Barbara, CA

OSC training couldn’t have come along at a better time. I originally was attending a regional community college, but due to the cut backs, I wasn’t able to get the class that I needed.

OSC’s Web Development and Programming classes gave me the hands up I needed to stay on top to the ever changing web design technology. They have the latest software and up-to-date computers.

Their staff truly cares about the students and their progress. They also help you make the transition and find a place in the ever diminishing job market.

Ronald Willis
Stockton, CA

Melinda O'HaginEarning my Web Design and Programming certificate at OSC Computer Training has started my new career in Web Design. The self-paced program allowed me to learn at my own pace and to take my time to understand the course content: Adobe Dreamweaver; Photoshop; Illustrator; Flash Animation. These software programs were all utilized in the creation of my website – www.ohaginwebdesign.com. Now, as a graduate, I have the skills and confidence for my growing small business.

Instructor, Kim Tran was a valuable asset to my success in the web design course. She is patient and very knowledgeable. Her attention to detail and ability to multi-task not only web design, but other course programs offered at OSC, was simply amazing to experience.

OSC is an excellent choice to earn a certificate, because you are in good hands. The staff is friendly and helpful, and owners, Bill and Lili Williams, are available to the students. I have truly enjoyed being a student at OSC.

Melinda O’Hagin
Folsom, CA

My name is Jacquelyn Lee and I’m a certified Web Designer & Programmer thanks to OSC Computer Training Center.

When I entered into the program, I didn’t know what to expect, but knew I wanted to enhance my graphic skills and become more marketable.

I met with Bill Williams, owner of OSC, who thoroughly explained the program. Once I understood the program to be mostly interactive self-paced, I was a bit apprehensive. In the past my education had been primarily instructor-led, however, once I completed my courses, it was difficult to retain the information and to apply the concepts and skills learned.

My training at OSC was just the opposite, it has been very valuable. My instructor, Kim Tran was awesome providing step-by-step assistance and motivating me to achieve a higher level of creativity. I have not only been able to apply my skills to build and program my first professional website, www.dldesignsolutions.com, but I’ve moved forward to build sites and create graphics for real clients. The Adobe books are great and designed to reinforce the concepts learned and easily search and access information you need to review.

I want to thank the entire staff at OSC, from the owners, Bill and Lili Williams, to the teaching and technical staff. They have all been super supportive providing individual support, advice and encouragement. The program was a pleasant surprise and definitely exceeded my expectations.

Jacquelyn Lee
Elk Grove, CA

Pam McCoyThe Web Design and Programming Certification from OSC Computer Training School is a great addition to my Internet Marketing Certificate I received from University of San Francisco. I was able to combine my skills from both certifications to design a website (www.healthytanairbrushtanning.com) and include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank within the top few pages of a Google search.

Kim was an integral part of my learning. She was patient and always willing to help. Bill and Lili, the owners of OSC Computer Training School, are proactive and take personal attention to each student’s needs. Bill, Lili and the staff at OSC Computer Training are very supportive and want the students to succeed in class and in future career opportunities.

I feel that I have many opportunities in front of me now that I understand how to build a website including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and HTML code.

Pam McCoy
Granite Bay, CA

The Web Design program was a great starting point for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Sales and Marketing. I am now able to create my own websites and develop an online business of some kind. It seems that the best thing the program did was help me to understand code and how to get involved with Internet Marketing and SEO to enable the current company I work for to find new customers across the world.

Bradley Wilson
Fountain Valley, CA